Home Network Builds Productivity

Have more time with the help of a home network
Some areas of working at home just take time. One thing that doesnÕt need to be a time waster is your computer and digital filing system. A home network is not something that most work at home business owners consider. If you have multiple computers or even a large house with many levels, consider having a home network installed.

Our first network installation was a wired one. We could have access to any and all computers and printers from any room in the house that was connected. Now weÕve installed wireless access to all of our pcÕs and laptops. Wireless networks can make your productivity level soar. You wonÕt have to maintain two or three sets of files and no matter what computer you or your employees might be working on, you will all have access to the same information.

Installing a network is not as difficult as it may sound. For around $400 you can install a wireless network for your home to outfit about four computers. There are many local and online resellers of this equipment.

When installing your network keep the following in mind:

Consider where your internet comes into the house. If you have cable or any type of broadband, find where the installation enters your home. It is usually near the modem or router. This is where your main hub needs to be located unless you are willing to move it.
Decide which rooms you ÔmightÕ want to have connectivity. Even if you donÕt have the number of systems or the need right now, think about the future. Especially for a wired network, itÕs cheaper to do everything up front than to come back in later and add rooms.
Wireless connectivity is hindered by some structures and floors. Check out your wireless before making the install permanent. Some parts of your house may not receive well without an extender or an extra wireless access point.
Budget. How much are you able and willing to spend up front. Tell your expert or yourself what you have to spend so that you can get the equipment you need with the money you have.
OK, you have enough information to get started, so go out, get wired (or wireless) and get productive. You would not imagine the amount of time several computers in one home business can cost you if they are not connected through a network.

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