Work At Home: Crazy business ideas

Thank you for coming by the work at home blog. We like to use this blog to help the home based business owner. Essentially, we search the web for interesting ideas, news stories and the like and then present it to the reader in a condensed fashion. The reason that we use this approach is so the home based business owner can find the information, ideas and tips they are looking for in a quick and efficient manner. We hope that you find this piece to be of good use to you, and we hope that you come back to the work at home blog often for tips and updates.

I was cruising around the web today, looking for a good story to share in todayÕs piece and I ran across a story that was really amazing. Apparently there is a woman in Kansas that is selling tumbleweeds online, and making pretty good money from it. She started the business first to learn how to set up a web site. The selection as tumbleweeds as her product was only a joke, but she started getting orders from all over the place including Hollywood movie sets and even NASA. I just goes to show you that no idea is too crazy.

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