Work at Home Dangers – Burnout

You must look out for burnout when working from home
home business burnout
When you first start working from home you thrive on the excitement. YouÕre hungry so youÕll take on any new clients that come your way and youÕll give them a discount as well. However, soon you will burnout if you donÕt avoid certain stressors.

Working odd hours
Of course you can choose your own hours, but there must be a concrete time that the laptop closes and the family time begins. Otherwise you will want to not work while actual business hours are occuring.k

Ignoring Invoicing
DonÕt let this important business task go. You must invoice your receivables or you will not get paid. There will never, ever be a time when people track you down to pay you. And, not getting paid will bring burnout on quickly.

Ignoring the Phone
Either answer it or let voicemail pick it up, but be sure to return your voicemails daily. If you let them pile up they will be even harder to address.

Burnout is common for work at home business owners. You can do something about it before it happens.

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