Work At Home Strategies: When You Have Young Children At Home

IÕm sure most of you have heard the analogies of starting a new business and having another baby. The business requires a significant amount of attention, care and feeding. Here are few time management habits that IÕve developed that help me find a balance between family and business:

Plan for the week, not the day: I find it easier to plan my week, not my day. There is just not enough time in day to accomplish much, and you never know what might happen in a given day to prevent you from accomplishing your goals and activities. If find it much simpler and less stressful to you set goals and activities for the week, there is a lot more time for accomplishment.

Be Flexible: In todayÕs virtual workplace, there are no standard hours. In fact, some companies encourage employees to work when they are most productive. The important thing is to get the job done. I apply this same approach to managing the balance of family and work. IÕll work late at night to write our newsletter or test recipes, but I donÕt write my newsletter instead of reading a bedtime book to my son.

Set Family Time Priorities: I set priorities for family time and respect it. For example, I enjoy and appreciate family meals, they are a family priority. I leave my schedule open for shopping, preparing and enjoying family meals every day. If someone wants to schedule an appointment during this time, I simply say that I am booked and I promptly suggest an alternative time.

Accept help from your spouse, partner or caregivers: MomÕs who start their own businesses also want to be ÒSuper MomÓ. This does not mean that you need to do it ALL by yourself. My husband picks our son up from school everyday Ð my son loves the ÒdaddyÓ time. I gladly accept his help, because it gives me time to get my work done. It also makse my husband feel good too. This approach is good for the whole family.

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