Work At Home: Where To Find The Best Internet Deals

A friend asked me yesterday what I had against eBay. This comment was in reference to yesterdayÕs post on finding a good price for a computer.

I personally think that eBay has some great deals but you have to be an avid hunter to find them. Like my father who every Saturday faithfully goes to garage sales to find deals, you need to know where to look and what to bid on.

However, the amount of effort that goes into eBay could be spent on other sites that generally have better deals and are not as well known. This being the case I offer you my top favorite six auction websites to assist you in finding the items you need for your work at home business. If you know other great sites please let me know. – A property room is where the police store all the recovered stolen goods. This website auctions the items that the police couldnÕt find its owner. – This is the governments official site for surplus and seized property sales and auctions (both local and federal). – A site that shows all eBay auctions that have one hour left and are beneath a dollar. – This site is really hard to explain, but I am a huge fan of it. Warning: bidding becomes addictive. – Helps you find auctions in your neighborhood. – A great site for getting good deals on Dell computers.

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