Working From Home Ideas

Trying to decide on a home business can be a chore. Deciding you want to work from home in all honesty should not be your first focus. Looking at what you enjoy doing and then deciding if you could do that from home is a better course of thinking.

There a thousands if not millions of home based business opportunities in the world. What can you really see yourself doing all day long, living with, and going to bed around?

As for retail sales including internet sales and shipping from home; I would strongly discourage it unless you have an extra 800 to 1100 square feet that you donÕt need as living space.

Early in our years of business we decided to do online retail sales of childrenÕs clothing and parenting products. Within a month our home had turned to a shipping warehouse.

If you decide to sell online be sure you find a product or service that doesnÕt require an inventory. A drop shipment program is best. This is where you sell the product and take payment and then your supplier ships the product straight to the customer.

A few thoughts on home business brainstorming:

What do you love to do in your spare time?
Could you make money by selling or providing a product or service?
Is there a need for your product and service?
Are you an expert in any area or field of study?
Could you share your experiences and knowledge with others who desire to get into your area of expertise?
Are you willing to work for two years before making large profits?
These are not an all inclusive list of questions but they will get you thinking in the right direction.

If you create paintings, write music, draw, make crafts, or even are an expert stamp collector you could start a lucrative home business.

There are many ideas on how to monetize your hobbies and interests and of course you can always provide professional services and work from home by leasing an office space when needed or meeting at a local restaurant or coffee shop.

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