Work At Home: Desktop vs. Laptop

Recently a friend and I were discussing an article that gave tips on working from home. We both concluded that the advice offered in the article was troubling. There were several points that bothered us, however, today I want to focus on just oneÑhaving a desktop computer over a laptop.

Often the dream of having a home based business clouds the true reality of the difficulties you unearth at home. One major difficulty that you will run into is the distractions. Having a home business I have found that I have been much more distracted than when I worked for corporate America. These distractions can range from wanting to do laundry while working, to convincing people that you canÕt go and play just because you are at home.

One way to overcome these distractions is to have a desktop computer over a laptop. This may seem counter-intuitive, but trust me, rarely will you take your laptop and leave the house to go work (hence why we call it a home base business and not a traveling business).

What a laptop does is make you mobile around the house. Instead of having a designating place in the home to work, you will be all over the house. For example, itÕs quite difficult to move your desktop out of your work room and place it in the living room so you can watch television. Granted, you could move the T.V. into your work room, but I have found that when you really want to work that arrangement doesnÕt last long.

It took me a while to learn this principle. Oftentimes I wouldnÕt even get out of bed for the day and just work on my laptop. This may seem ideal, but I would often find it much easier to nap and day dream than to work.

My point is that a desktop computer allows you to create a place that separates you from your casual living. Unfortunately, a laptop seems to be the antithesis to productivity. Truly with a desktop computer you will be able to weed out the unnecessary distractions and get more work done on your home business.

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